Course Catalogue

ID is required for ALL registrations. 

SWFPA are providing funding to cover the 4 mandatory courses providing the following requirements are met –
1. The New Entrant has secured a berth which the skipper will confirm by signing an SWFPA form. (available from Nefta by email or at the office).
2. The boat he is joining is a member of the SWFPA.


Course Aim – to provide fishermen with the knowledge and skills to be able to fight fires at sea

Course Objectives – Understand fire and the dangers it presents at sea – Understand fire prevention – Understand the principles of fire fighting at sea – Be able to use basic fire fighting equipment to safely extinguish fires.


Course Aim – to introduce learners to the principles of first aid, so that they can safely assess and record the condition of casualties, effectively communicate the condition of casualties and provide appropriate care until medical assistance can be obtained.

Course Objectives – Safely approach a casaulty – Assess the condition of a casualty – Record condition of a casualty – Communicate with health professionals – Apply effective first aid – Perform effective CPR – Recognise life threatening conditions.


Course Aim – to improve the survival opportunities for those who work on board fishing vessels following accidential immersion in water or vessel abandonment.

Course Objectives – Understand the principles of sea survival – Understand the correct application and usage of sea survival equipment – Be able to use sea survival equipment and apply practical survival skills.


Funding for fishermen may be available providing they can prove they have been fishing for 60 days in the past 24 months and hold the 4 mandatory safety certificates. Regular course cost £500.These courses normally run monthly.Please call the office for more information.


Course Aim – to improve the safety culture on board fishing vessels through the management of safety.

Course Objectives – Understand the legal requirements that control safety in the fishing industry – Understand health and safety hazards and risks – Be able to complete a risk assessment for a fishing vessel – Be able to develop a safety management system for a fishing vessel.


Course Aims/Objectives – to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary for competent Watchkeeping.



Fishermen who joined a UK fishing vessel for the first time after 1 January 2005 and before to 1 June 2014 and did not undertake the UK Basic Health and Safety course do not have to complete this course provided that they:
         a) have completed the UK Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment course
         b) can demonstrate the date of joining a UK vessel prior to 2014 to the satisfaction of an MCA surveyor.

One day course for basic Health & Safety knowledge.

Course content – Basic knowledge regarding fishing techniques on board. Health & Safety awareness and boat terminology. Crew responsibilities. MCA legal requirements regarding certification.



Course Aim – to increase the awareness of vessel stability and improve vessel standards in the fishing industry

Course Objectives – Describe why vessels float – Explain the main terms used in Stability – Understand the factors that affect vessel stability – Understand watertight and weather tight integrity – Understand how seaway influences stability.


Set up a Username and Password on LH side of page

Once logged in click “Under 16.5m Skipper” and scroll down to choose from the following courses –




Once you have worked through all the courses and passed the mock exams you are ready to call for an appointment for your final online assessments in class.

Online Course Examination Fees cost �80.00 per course.

Under 16.5m Skipper Ticket

The LIMITED skippers ticket requires a 2 Day Engineering course.This can be done online. .This allow you to fish up to a maximum of 20 NM from a safe haven.



We are now approved to deliver the short radio course online.

Course Book and App £15.00

RYA Fee £60.00

Training Centre Fee £90.00

Fast Track Delivery (opt) £25.00

Step 1 – Purchase the Radio book and Application form (G31 course pack) from Nefta.

Step 2 – Nefta will create an account for you and email you the website and login details.

Step 3 – Start the learning process by reading the book and the proceding through the modules online.Complete the preassessment knowledge test.When you have passed you can print off your ID cert and take with you to the training centre with 2 passport size photo’s.

Step 4 – When you feel that you are ready for the Exams,arrange a convenient time with Nefta to do the final theory and practival examinations.

There is no time limit for this course to be completed.

Candidates can do this course but cannot do the exam until they reach the minimum age of 16,when they will be issued the “Authority to Operate” certificate if they pass.

Contact Nefta for more information.